What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale with Treasures Ltd. is the best way of liquidating remaining property and items left behind - all items normally found in a home or business - often after a major life change (death, relocation, downsizing, divorce).

An estate sale consists of a general sale at the home for approximately four days. Treasures Ltd. will use the entire premises to display every item for sale in a way to best maximize visibility and access to patrons. Our sales are often attended by thousands of people over a weekend and we have a solid following.

An estate sale with Treasures Ltd. will liquidate a majority of the items in the house and bring a higher dollar value to the estate vs. family run sales.

Why should I have an estate sale?

Simply, peace of mind. One of the biggest challenges surviving family faces is what to do with the estate. Often times you have an entire house full of furniture and personal items to sort through. Rather than dealing with it alone, Treasures Ltd. is here to help. Since we specialize in estate liquidations, we are well equipped to provide the best solutions possible for the surviving families.

Estate Sales always result in more money to the estate vs. other alternatives such as a garage sales or family run estate sales. It is difficult to properly value and price the many items found in a typical home. We’ve done this before and are good at it! Our mission is to find your hidden treasures and ensure the best financial return to the estate and its heirs.

What should I do to get ready for an estate sale?

First off, don't throw anything away! We cannot stress this enough. What you may discard could potentially be a hidden treasure to someone. Unusual treasures include; old letters or postcards, non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, clothing, or even firewood. Most everything has a value to someone. There are always hidden treasures in the strangest places. Please let us evaluate everything in the house before discarding even one item.

What about sentimental items?

Family treasures should be kept and passed down through the family but we understand it is not always reasonable to divide items fairly. Sometimes liquidation is the only option. We respect the final wishes of the deceased working closely with the Executor/Executrix of the estate, and make every effort to ensure the terms of the will are followed. We work with family members to clearly identify (and remove if possible) all items they wish to keep.

This is a critical stage of the process and unfortunately it is where families have the most disagreements. It is our philosophy that family relationships are more important than physical items. We will identify and mark family items to be removed before the estate sale begins. Once we have contracted to perform a sale, no items can be removed from the premises without written consent from Treasures Ltd.

If we find personal items during setup such as bank statements, personal documents or the like we always set those aside for the family. These are private items and are handled with the utmost care and respect.

How much will an estate sale cost me and what is included in the fee?

The short answer to that is nothing. We are compensated at a predetermined percentage of the gross return of the sale. Our percentages for sales vary and will be discussed during the evaluation with you. It is important for us to do a great job for you because our commission is a percentage of the sale proceeds. The fee covers the following:

Complete setup

  • We bring our own tables and supplies to display the estate items to sell
  • We clean and prepare items to look their best
  • We will reorganize items for display and traffic flow through the premises


  • We place ads in print media; The Denver Post, Westword
  • We place ads online; Estate Sales.net, Craigslist, Weekendtreasure.com
  • We send email notices to our own customer base of over 1,000 subscribers

Operating the Sale

  • We staff the estate sale with enough people to deter theft and damage to property and represent a professional environment
  • Our staff is clean, careful, and trustworthy

Post-Estate Handling and Clean-up

  • The choices after an estate sale are left to the estate representative. We offer haul away services (for donation or disposal), or propose a lump-sum buyout, or lastly, we can return the house and contents to the estate after the sale.

Can I price the estate or objects in the estate?

We have been in the antique and used furniture business for many years. It is our experience that while people may feel an object is worth a certain price, the market value is not the same as sentimental value. Rest assured, we will price items and run the sale using well tested methods which have proven success. It is in our best interest to generate as much revenue for all items as possible. The better we do for you, the more it benefits us.

However, if there are certain items that you wish to price with a specific value, we can place a “reserve” on the item. This will ensure the item will not be discounted below the set price during the sale. However, it is our experience too many “reserve” prices will deter customers and hinder the progress of the sale so it is important to only consider this strategy on a very few items. Ask us about these items during the evaluation.